根据美国移民法及相关规定, EB-1A的申请需要提交I-140表格以及证明申请人符合特殊技能人才条件的证明文件,例如获得的国际奖项的证明,业内专家和权威人士的推荐信,在学术刊物上发表的文章,以及文章被引用的索引等。


Guideline for Preparing for EB1 Green Card Petition

1.Letters of Recommendation (6 Referees and their resumes and contact information)

2. Copies of various certificates

3. Detailed Resume of Applicant

4. Copies of Awards and Honors

5. Copies of newspaper reports or coverage on other media, magazine, TV, etc.

6. Copies of documentation indicating membership or affiliation to any professional organizations, (membership card, name tag, label for the conference attended)

7. Any invitations for you to be critic or referee for other people’s work in the same field

8. Major activities directed or participated (national or international)

9. Copies of publications in full (books, scholarly papers, presentations; each publication should be provided with its abstract, importance and significance in the field; Introduction to the scholarly journal in which it was published)

10.  Other comparable evidence